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    The infection should therefore always be in differential diagnosis of HIV positive patients and digestive symptoms. The third most common infection was histoplasmosis, a mycosis, whose via of infection is respiratory, and development of granulomatous reaction in lung parenchyma and regional lymph nodes, similar to that seen in first infection by M. tuberculosis, usually progressing to scarring and calcification of involved regions. Concerning to histoplasmosis, it is important to identify endemic areas of this disease, since fungus is usually dead on the former primary Miracle Biotics complex and systemic disease is usually secondary to exogenous infection1. In our study, we found Histoplasma capsulate in all segments of the digestive system investigated and all involved patients had disseminated disease. Other studies specifically evaluating the digestive system found only 6.6% and no one case of histoplasmosis in this site, respectively5, 22. A study, conducted at Universidad Federal de Uberlandia, the same geographical region where our study was developed, has found histoplasmosis in 11.5% of 52 autopsies of AIDS, one of them having intestinal involvement3. These differences are probably due to geographical and regional variations in incidence of histoplasmosis.

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